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At Althoff Catholic, we have many opportunities for students to shine in the creative arts. Through our music, performing and fine arts classes and clubs, your child can grow and express themselves in new ways. From the band to the chorus and an outstanding drama department, there truly is something for everyone!

Our Art Program exposes students to professional artists and gives them the opportunity to work alongside them to create unique pieces that are showcased throughout our campus. 

Visual Arts

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Ceramics

We offer multiple levels of art in the disciplines listed above. Each begins with an Art 1 class, either in drawing or ceramics. These classes involve beginning instruction in drawing and ceramics. They include a curriculum for drawing that covers a semester where students will acquire a host of drawing skills, techniques, and media. In ceramics, they will be exposed to and create ceramic works that are both hand-built/sculptural and wheel-thrown pottery.

Art 2 classes further both technical and aesthetic concerns. It is a more in-depth class where students can explore activities for a more concentrated period of time. Painting and sculpture are introduced at this level.

Advanced level classes allow students to explore a particular area: painting, drawing, sculpture, or pottery for a semester. It is a more challenging curriculum both technically and aesthetically. A great deal of emphasis is put on art content with previously acquired technical skills.

Lastly, there are independent 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional classes. Students can work on projects in cooperation with the instructor to more fully express their artistic preferences. Independent classes may be repeated with a whole new curriculum of challenging problems. 



Our Theatre Department is designed to encourage growth, confidence, work ethic, and leadership. Whether you are an actor, dancer, singer, costume or lighting designer, or love to work with a hammer and saw or practice your public speaking, the Althoff Catholic Theatre program has a place for you. Our shows are student-produced, which means there are opportunities to participate on stage and behind the scenes. Our students have an active role in building the sets in our workshop and operating all the lighting and sound. You will gain experience in a myriad of ways that foster success.

Althoff Catholics Theater Program delivers two to four shows each school year, including a fall play and spring musical as well as a performance geared towards a younger audience in collaboration with grade schools during Catholic Schools Week. 

Past theater and musical productions have included: Odd Couple, Matilda Jr., Fiddler on the Roof, Guys and Dolls, Cinderella, Hello Dolly, Junie B. Jones, and many more!

We are also proud to offer a speech program.  Our students participate and compete in several speech contests, including Performance in the Round (PIR)  through IHSA.


In addition to our performances, the program offers three camps each year. The two summer and one winter camps are open to any grade school as well as high school-aged students with an interest in theater. The camps help you be involved in all aspects of theater and put together a performance at the end for family and friends. 


In keeping with Mr. Schlich’s teaching philosophy, all music classes teach musicianship, humanity, humility, and emotional literacy through the lens of a musician. Our program offers small, personalized instruction that helps you grow as a musician.


Concert Band

The Concert Band meets daily and is the most advanced performing instrumental group at Althoff Catholic High School. The Concert Band is composed of students on all of the major woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. Instruction in this class concentrates on advanced technical and expressive skills in an ensemble-focused setting.

Jazz Ensemble

Although this ensemble changes in size each year, its mission stays the same: to teach culturally relevant music in the original American art form known as Jazz. This activity meets once a week after school and teaches historic and contemporary pieces in a variety of styles including: Swing, Bossa Nova, Funk, R&B, Rock, to Broadway and beyond.

Percussion Ensemble

The percussion ensemble is currently part of the curriculum of the Concert Band. This ensemble provides an introduction to percussion literature, both historic and contemporary.


Liturgical Choir

This ensemble is the cornerstone of the vocal department at Althoff Catholic High School. Performing each week at St. Henry’s Mass, this ensemble performs traditional Catholic hymns to more contemporary Christian music.

The Show Choir

The choir performs musical shows for area schools, civic groups, and parish clubs, and competes in established contests throughout the State.  The group has traveled to festivals in New York, Orlando, and the Smokey Mountains.  The main event each year is the Quincy Show Case of Excellence in March.  Membership requires an interest in performance, a desire to sing and dance or play an instrument.  There is also a need for a backstage crew, which includes costumes, set & prop design and construction, and a technical staff.  

Summer Camps!