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We are always improving our classrooms and facilities to better support and serve our faculty and students. Faculty members are equipped with personal computers and iPads to support their teaching. Classrooms are also equipped with smart boards and other technology needed to support the unique needs of each course. We are continually making technology updates to support our curriculum and help our students to succeed.   

Students may choose to purchase a Chromebook or iPad as their primary educational device at Althoff Catholic High School. The device they select must be used all year due to required textbook licenses. Mac books and laptops are not allowed. Chromebooks or iPads may be purchased anywhere. CompuType, our in-house IT support provider, has put together purchasing options for those interested. The biggest advantage of purchasing through CompuType is that there is Computype personnel on-site at Althoff to immediately help with any warranty issues for devices purchased through them. All orders with CompuType need to be placed by July 1, before the school year starts. 

Which iPad should I purchase?

We strongly recommend purchasing the 256GB iPad WiFi-only model. The minimum requirements are a 64GB iPad WiFi-only model. The iPad Mini does not meet federal guidelines for screen size in education. The iPad must be able to support iOS 16 or newer. 

Strongly recommended iPad accessories
  • AppleCare+ extended warranty 
  • Protective case
  • Keyboard
iPad vendor recommendations

Apple – you may visit to get a complete list of the current iPads that are supported by Apple and make a purchase.

Best Buy – You can visit here to find your closest Best Buy and compare prices. 

Caring for your iPad

The following list of best practices is provided to help you protect and maintain your iPad:

  • To prevent the risk of theft, never leave your iPad unsupervised, and keep it in a bag, backpack, or in a locked locker, if playing sports or engaged in an activity where the iPad is not needed.
  • Carry your iPad in a sturdy bag or backpack when moving between classes and to and from school to minimize the risk of dropping your iPad.
  • Periodically, close apps that are running in the background on your iPad to improve performance. Also, turn off your iPad for a few seconds, at least weekly, to clear the memory.
  • Regularly log into your iCloud account to backup your iPad.
  • Please remember, when you are in your classrooms, the iPad is for school use only.
  • If your Apple ID has become locked or disabled, please go to on any web browser to reset your password.  If you are unable to reset your password via the Apple iForgot website, please see a technician after school.
  • Remember that water and electronics don't mix!  Protect your iPad from exposure to moisture at all times.
Chromebook model recommendations

Families are allowed to buy any model of Chromebook they prefer; these are the recommendations due to their size and battery life capabilities.

  • Chromebook 100e 
  • Chromebook 300e

Strongly recommended Chromebook accessories:

  • Protective case
  • Accidental Damage Protection extended warranty
Vendor recommendation

Our Information Technology vendor, CompuType IT Solutions, will be available to take orders for all Althoff families wanting to buy a Chromebook. To do so visit here:

Chromebook purchases from CompuType will require an Accidental Damage Protection warranty. 

Electronics Use Handbook and  Policy Document


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