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Our multi-level curriculum allows all students to challenge themselves to achieve success!


We offer FREE on-campus tutoring before and after school in the Learning Center and our guidance office.  The tutoring provides our students with scheduled one-on-one, peer tutoring sessions both for homework help and studying trouble areas in a variety of subjects.  Our teachers offer help before and after school as well and we have community volunteers who give their time to support our students' success. Each student can identify areas they may need help with and we pair them with a qualified tutor. We always welcome students to also identify areas they exceed in to offer support for others. 

Study Skills

Our Study Skills are taught in a class format where students who desire to learn how to better plan, manage, organize, and complete their work are provided with the tools. This class period also helps students complete assignments and homework with added support and guides them in utilizing their time wisely. We help our students become efficient and effective learners!

Individualized Student Support Plans

We support students with special needs or disabilities that may significantly impact their learning and who may need specific accommodations during the school day.  The Individualized Plan may provide access to minor adjustments throughout the school day for students meeting the criteria. When starting at Althoff Catholic, each student coming in with a 504 or Individualized Education (IEP) plan will meet with our staff to convert the information to a specific Individualized Student Support plan at Althoff Catholic. 

Summer Camps!