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"Rooted in Jesus Christ and Catholic values, we aspire to achieve our personal

best in all we do."

These are the words with which we begin each school day. In starting each day with prayer, coming together for weekly masses and annual class retreats, the teaching of Christ is at the center of everything we do at Althoff Catholic High School. 


In 1699, missionary priests from Quebec founded the oldest, continuous Catholic parish of the United States here in southwestern Illinois in what is now the Catholic Diocese of Belleville.  Catholic followers of Jesus Christ have been raising their families and teaching their children about God in our area for over 300 years!  Since 1894, Catholics here established high schools to help teach and prepare their children, including the schools:  St. Teresa, Cathedral, Notre Dame, Assumption, and Central Catholic.  

Finally, in 1964, Bishop Zuroweste established Althoff Catholic High School, in the name of our second bishop, to help serve these families.  Today, inspired by the faith of thousands before us, we boldly proclaim our ongoing mission:

"We are called by Jesus Christ to educate young people, in the Catholic tradition, to lead successful, faith-filled lives."

We invite you to read more in the Campus Ministry section of our page to learn about the day-to-day activities of our students in faith formation and service. 

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