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Student Life

Science Club

The Science Club is a multifaceted, service-oriented club.  The goal is to create opportunities for the Althoff Catholic community to reap the benefits of science by exploring career interests such as medicine or engineering.  They accomplish this by offering quarterly special events and weekend camping and backpacking trips for Althoff Catholic students.  Events include:  hosting a Science Olympiad competition for grade schools; maintaining a convenient community recycling center on our campus; purchasing equipment and materials for the Science Department; offering services as Science Fair judges to local grade schools; and providing care for our classroom animals.  Membership is open to all Althoff Catholic students.

Special Events:

  • Science Olympiad: Grade school students attend a night of fun while learning science. 
  • Zookeepers: Meet in Mrs. Newton's room to care for the science department's animals. This group cleans cages, feeds and waters the animals and ensures that the animals get the proper exercise and treatment that they require. The Zookeepers gain a great deal of knowledge from caring for the animals, which include a hedgehog, a rat, mice, a rabbit and a sugar glider.
  • Wilderness Adventure Club (WAC): Enjoys the outdoors by taking a trip once or twice a year to Camp Ondessonk. They experience the wildlife by hiking, rock climbing and camping in the woods of southern Illinois.
  • The Green Team:  Provides an opportunity for students to heighten their awareness of environmental issues and participate in activities which serve the community at large.  This includes recycling, tulip bulb planting, and Clean-Up Belleville Day.


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