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Spiritual Growth

Althoff Catholic High School is dedicated to the total formation of our students.  Our youth are encouraged to grow academically, socially, emotionally, as well as spiritually.  Students and teachers of all faiths are encouraged to be people who live out their faith in everyday life and who actively participate in the life of the Church.  One way in which this can be accomplished is through participation in annual retreats.

Freshman & Sophomore Retreats

The freshmen and sophomore year retreat programs are coordinated by retreat professionals and involve a single "day-of-reflection" at off-site venues.  The freshmen year program, which takes place at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, focuses on building Christian community, identifying your own gifts and talents, and recognizing Christ in others.  The sophomore year retreat, which takes place at Todd Hall Retreat Center in Columbia, Illinois, is focused on Christian living and moral decision-making in the contemporary world of teenagers.  Both programs are supported through specially trained senior-year students.

Junior Retreat

The junior year retreat program is a two-day, overnight event that takes place at Camp Ondessonk in the Shawnee National Forest.  This program, led by John Bouc, Director of Campus Ministry, entices the students to a whole new level of Christ-centered living.  Students explore their foundational relationships, reconcile some mistakes, and try to return to "everyday life" with new tools for living as Christ created us to be.