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Spiritual Growth

Althoff Catholic High School is rooted in Jesus Christ. Therefore, every day, our youth and faculty are encouraged to grow spiritually.  Students and teachers of all faiths are encouraged to be people who live out their faith in everyday life and who actively participate in the life of the Church.  One way in which this can be accomplished is through participation in annual retreats.

Morning Prayer

The whole school reaches out to Jesus in prayer at the start of every day.  Urgent needs and special family requests are prayed for, together.


Mass is the spiritual anchor for the life of whole our school.  The celebration of the sacred mysteries is available to our students twice a week: on Wednesdays as a whole school and optionally before school on Fridays.


The freshmen retreat program is a one-day, off-site program of renewal lead by our Director of Campus Ministry.  It focuses on breaking down social barriers, being your true self, and building a sense of Christian community through the example of Jesus Christ and evangelism of St. Paul.


The sophomore retreat program is a one-day, off-site program coordinated by our Director of Campus Ministry.  The retreat day is lead by a nationally experienced Catholic retreat ministry team with a focus on resisting temptations, reconciliation, and virtue.


The junior year retreat program is a two-day, overnight event that takes place at Camp Ondessonk in Southern Illinois.  This dynamic program, led by our Director of Campus Ministry, entices the students to a whole new level of Christ-centered living and Christian-community. 


Although also a key component of our service program, the Senior Service Project also fosters spiritual growth.  Through the Service Learning Project, seniors spend three weeks in full-time volunteer service with goal of encountering Jesus in the face of people in need.  See “SERVING OTHERS” to learn more.