Dedicated Faculty, Lasting Friendships and Opportunity Define the Althoff Catholic Experience for the Schreders

Where did you go to high school? It is the quintessential question of people from the St. Louis region. When meeting a new person, the answer can usually tell you a little something about that person’s life experience. Kara (Delaney) Schreder is a 1992 graduate of Althoff Catholic High School and her son, Luke, is a current senior. While their high school graduation years are 26 years apart, Luke has experienced many of the things his mother loved about Althoff Catholic. These include caring faculty and staff that are dedicated to student success, friendships that will last a life time, a college preparatory environment, opportunities to explore your interests and grow in faith.

Kara and Luke’s family’s legacy of Catholic education in St. Clair County began with Kara’s mother, Mrs. Karen Delaney, and her 15 year teaching career in our Catholic grade schools. Catholic education has been a priority of Kara’s parents for as long as she can remember. Her mother was her kindergarten teacher at Our Lady Queen of Peace. Kara’s husband, Nathan, hails from Monroe County. He and his six siblings attended Gibault Catholic High School in Waterloo.

Looking back on her own time at Althoff Catholic, Kara says the person who had the greatest impact on her life was her guidance counselor, Judy Klauck. Ms. Klauck served Althoff Catholic for a total of 29 years as a teacher and counselor. Kara found Ms. Klauck to be someone highly dedicated to helping students find the college that best suited their individual needs. Having already made the decision to study pre-dental medicine or physical therapy; Kara had applied to the top two schools on her list: Creighton University and Saint Louis University. “One random day I was walking past Ms. Klauck’s office. She came out into the hallways and asked me to join her in her office,” said Kara. “She told me about a scholarship that she felt I should apply for at SIUE. Back in 1991-1992, Edwardsville was not on my radar at all. It was a commuter school back then and my mom was working on her Master’s degree there. I had no interest in attending. I smiled and said ‘sure Ms. Klauck, thanks!’” With Ms. Klauck’s encouragement, Kara applied for the scholarship and ended up earning the Presidential Scholarship, a fullacademic scholarship to SIUE and automatic admittance into the SIU School of Dental Medicine in Alton. “I have the pleasure of seeing Ms. Klauck a few times a year and I thank her every time,” said Kara. “And yes, she is a patient of my dental practice.”

When deciding to send Luke to Althoff Catholic, Kara knew that he would be met with the same caring faculty, challenging academics and great friends. “The one thing I hoped would be different for Luke was theology,” said Kara. “I obtained a wonderful education at Althoff, however I did not feel that I was able to really delve into questions I had regarding Catholicism.” Kara’s memories of the theology program were based around a study of each of the four gospels. She wanted more for Luke. “Attending Open House four years ago, I was excited to see how many changes had taken place. Things had not only changed in theology, but most of the teachers were giving assignments to students in much more creative ways than when I was a student.” Much like his mother’s experience with Ms. Klauck, Luke has found English teacher, Mr. T.J. Keeley to be a strong advocate for his future success, providing guidance and assistance in the college search process.

As a freshman, Luke quickly found his fit becoming involved in the Performance Arts department, band, choir, Scholar Bowl, Model UN and Pizza and Politics. Luke quickly felt at home, especially in the Performance Arts department, because he knew upperclassmen in the program from his grade school. Luke looks forward to Model UN season every year. With plans for a Political Science major it is something that is a great fit for him. Model UN, or Model United Nations is an educational simulation or academic activity in which students learn about
diplomacy, international relations and the work of the United Nations.

Outside of Althoff Catholic, Luke is very involved in the Boy Scouts of America, through the Order of the Arrow (Scouting’s National Honor Society) and his local troop at St. Teresa Catholic Church. This summer he was selected, through a highly competitive, nation-wide contest, to be one of two emcees for the Boy Scouts National Jamboree. Luke co-led stadium shows at which he spoke in front of more than 35,000 peers and leaders of the Scouts organization from across the nation and world. To hear Luke describe this exciting experience, visit Althoff Catholic’s YouTube Channel at





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