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Electronics Use Handbook and  Policy Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

(iPad Initiative Questions and Answers)

What is the iPad?

The iPad is Apple's touch screen tablet that allows the user to access the web, use applications (apps), take notes, read books, listen to music, create projects, and various other functions.

Which iPad should I buy?

Based on a significant amount of research, Althoff Catholic recommends at minimum the 32GB iPad Air or newer version of the iPad with wi-fi capabilities. Since the iPads will be using our wi-fi network, a data package is not required. The iPad Mini does not meet the required minimum screen size. The 16GB model does not have sufficient storage space for use in class.

How much does the iPad cost?

If you decide to purchase a brand new iPad, from Apple, the costs are as follows:

  • iPad Air 2 (64GB) - $599
  •  iPad Air 2 (128GB) - $699
  • *Add $130.00 to each above for cellular capability*

    Caring for your iPad

    The following list of best practices are provided to help you protect and maintain your iPad:

    • To prevent the risk of theft, never leave your iPad unsupervised, and keep it in a bag, backpack or in a locked locker, if playing sports or engaged in an activity where the iPad is not needed.
    • Carry your iPad in a sturdy bag or backpack when moving between classes and to and from school to minimize the risk of dropping your iPad.
    • Periodically close apps that are running in the background on your iPad to improve performance.  To do this double-tap the home button, a list of all the recently used apps will show on the bottom.  Tap and hold your finger on the app icons.  They will begin to jiggle and you can then press the red minus sign to close the apps.  Also, turn off your iPad for a few seconds, at least weekly, to clear memory.
    • Regularly log into your iCloud account to backup your iPad.
    • Please remember, when you are in your classrooms, the iPad is for school use only.
    • If your Apple ID has become locked or disabled, please go to on any web browser to reset your password.  If you are unable to reset your password via the Apple iForgot website, please see a tech after school.
    • Remember that water and electronics don't mix!  Protect your iPad from exposure to moisture at all times.
  • Is there any accessory we should purchase with the iPad?

    Although you are not required to purchase any accessory, Althoff Catholic highly recommends students have a cover/case to protect their device from damage. Any brand cover/case is acceptable.

    Will Althoff Catholic provide any financial assistance toward the purchase of an iPad?

    Financial Assistance is available to qualified families and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  This application is for the iPad device only (please see below).  Purchase of the device must be made through the school and will be limited to the equipment and options designated by the school.  Families will be responsible for the amount of the purchase, less the amount of support awarded (50% of device cost).  This amount must be paid in full at the time of ordering.

    May students opt out of buying an iPad?

    No. While Althoff Catholic recognizes other electronic devices or tablets exist, the decision was made to go exclusively with the iPad.  Althoff Catholic has chosen the iPad for its portability, ease of use, excellent customer service and state of the art technology. The iPad is the industry standard.

    Will Althoff Catholic be selling iPads?

    No. Given the widespread availability of iPads by different retailers, Althoff Catholic wants parents to make the purchase from a company or store of their choice. To have the iPads belong to the school creates several problems, including additional staff and additional backup iPads for students to borrow. Althoff Catholic families will be required to purchase their own iPads. Althoff Catholic families will also be required to purchase and download their own apps.

    What happens if a student breaks his or her iPad? What if it goes missing or stolen?

    Similar to cell phones, the iPad is the property of the family that purchased it. It will be up to the student to properly care for, protect and secure one's iPad at all times. Parents should strongly consider purchasing an extended care &/or insurance replacement program available from Apple at the time of purchase. Please know that replacement programs cover damage or malfunctions, not lost or stolen iPads.

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