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Our Science, Technology, Religion Engineering, Arts and Math Lab is the next generation classroom, where students learn from the latest technology and resources. Once you step into the lab, it's like stepping into today's professional setting - so that students can not only learn how to become a doctor, engineer, architect, computer programmer and more - but what it feels like to work in a state-of-the-art environment.

Courses offered include:

Introduction to Engineering
This course gives students a deeper look at the engineering design process and teaches them to think critically, solve problems and to collaborate. 

Principles of Biomedical Science
In this course students explore human medicine, public health, human body systems and medical careers.

This course includes an overview of the history of broadcasting and gives students hands-on experience in video control, special effects, operation of cameras and editing machines, composition, lighting, staging, and directing, on-camera announcing and interviewing.