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Physical Education

The Physical Education Department offers a variety of activities to our students.  We hope that the students will enjoy these activities and will recognize the need for, and will want to continue, with some type of physical activity long after they graduate.

courses offered

PE 111      PHYSICAL ED   (Fr, Sophs, Jrs, Srs)                    SEM 1          .5 credit

PE 121      PHYSICAL ED   (Fr, Sophs, Jrs, Srs.)                    SEM 2          .5 credit

Student Activities:  TEAM SPORTS:  basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag-football, softball
INDIVIDUAL SPORTS:  badminton, paddle tennis, tennis
PHYSICAL FITNESS:  weightlifting, calisthenics, aerobics. Student Evaluation:  Participation, cooperation, and written tests.

CONED 311   CONSUMER EDUCATION     (Jrs)                      Qt. 1,2    .25 credit

CONED 321   CONSUMER EDUCATION     (Jrs)                      Qt. 3,4    .25 credit

Prerequisite:  NONE
This is a quarter course required for graduation and usually is taken during the junior year.  The student is enrolled in Physical Education or a band class for the other quarter during the semester this course is taken. 
Student Activities:  Budgeting, banking, credit, insurance and car buying.
Student Evaluation:  Handouts, quizzes and tests.

HLTH 211    HEALTH    (Sophs)                    SEM 1      .5 credit

HLTH 221    HEALTH    (Sophs)                    SEM 2      .5 credit

The Health Education program at Althoff hopes to make students aware of health related topics that can affect the quality of their life.  The topics covered are:  nutrition, mental health, communicable and noncommunicable diseases, and reproduction.  Anatomy is taught when appropriate.
Students Activities:  Lectures, discussions, group projects, audio-visual materials, professional speakers, and use of contemporary materials (newspapers, magazines, TV programs). 
Student Evaluation:  Tests, quizzes, written assignments, semester exam.

DRVED 111    DRIVER EDUCATION                    Qt. 1,2    .25 credit

DRVED 121    DRIVER EDUCATION                    Qt. 3,4    .25 credit

    Driver Education at Althoff Catholic is offered through My Tutor Driving School and is licensed by the Illinois Secretary of State to provide classroom and driving instruction for teens.  The course consists 32 hours of classroom instruction and 12 hours in the car.  This program fulfills all state requirements for an individual to obtain an Illinois Driver License. 
    This class, because it is given through My Tutor Driving School, is $375 in addition to the normal tuition fees, and must be paid in full by the first day of class.  You can find more information on the Althoff Catholic website under Student Life.