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Foreign Language

Courses Offered 

LAT 301  HONORS LATIN 3   (Jrs, Srs)   NCAA All Year 1    credit
Prerequisites: A “C” average in Latin 2

Students will review material from Latin 2. There will be increased emphasis on sentence structure and especially different types of clauses. Culture studies include more on Roman camps and the life of the legionary soldier. Then the story moves to Rome and students will study the forum, religion, entertainment and freedmen.

Student Activities: The students will learn more clauses, more uses of the ablative case, ablative absolutes. The students will also learn the future tense and the passive voice of all tenses thus far. There is more extensive work with gerunds, gerundives, and supines. The present subjunctive is also learned.

Student Evaluation: Grammar and vocabulary tests, translating ability, comprehension tests, written work and class participation.

LAT 401  HONORS LATIN 4     (Srs)    NCAA All Year 1   credit
Prerequisites: A “C” average in Latin 3

Student Activities: Students will review material from Latin 3. Cultural topics include the inner workings of imperial power figures, marriage, court system, provincial life, oratory and epic poetry. By the end of the year, students will be reading authentic Latin passages from Pliny, Phaedrus, Ovid, Vergil, Horace, Catullus and Martial.

Students will review material from Latin 3. Several major grammatical ideas are introduced such as the indirect statement as well as the last two tenses of verbs. Fearing clauses, more uses of gerunds and gerundives conditional clauses and stylistic devices and scansion of poetry are also covered.

Student Evaluation: Written work, tests, and classroom participation.

FREN 101  FRENCH 1  (Fr, Sophs, Jrs)  NCAA All Year 1   credit
Prerequisite: NONE

This is an introductory course with special emphasis on practical vocabulary useful in everyday conversational situations. The first portion of the course will emphasize oral comprehension and speaking skills. Basic grammar, conjugation of regular and irregular verbs, the present tense, and the study of the past tense will be covered in the remainder of the course. Throughout the year students will study various aspects of French life.

Student Activities: Role-playing activities, internet lab activities, question-response drills, and listening to recorded materials will be used to practice oral mastery of materials.

Student Evaluation: Oral and written exams, written assignments from both the textbook and worksheets, and flashcards prepared of vocabulary covered in the course.

FREN 201  FRENCH 2  (Sophs, Jrs, Srs)  NCAA All Year 1   credit
Prerequisite: French 1.

French 2 begins with an extensive review of the basic areas covered in French 1. More advanced grammar concepts and vocabulary are then introduced, and composition and reading comprehension become more significant. In addition, cultural study is expanded.

Student Activities: Text study, oral work, composition and comprehension exercises are used.

Student Evaluation: Oral and written exercises, reports, class participation, quizzes, and tests.

FRN 301  HONORS FRENCH 3  (Jrs, Srs)     NCAA All Year          1   credit
Prerequisite: A "C" average in French 2.

This course consists of a review of all tenses studied in French 1 and French 2 and an introduction of several more complex tenses.  Students will also be introduced to the more complicated grammar concepts of the language. Students will study history, geography, and major cultural aspects of the French culture

Student Activities: Students will write paragraphs on directed topics as well as compositions of original ideas. Short oral reports of a cultural nature will also be required.

Student Evaluation: Class participation on a regular basis, journal writings, written quizzes and tests, oral reports.

FRN 401  HONORS FRENCH 4    (Srs)     NCAA All Year 1   credit
Prerequisite: A "C" average in French 3.

This course is devoted to developing the students’ ability to communicate in French. Focus will be on the refinement of speaking skills through directed conversation and spontaneous discussion. There is also a strong focus on vocabulary build and the study of idiomatic expressions appropriate to conversation and writing. A study of French contributions will also be included in an overview of literature, history and general culture.

Student Activities: Oral participation in lecture materials through questions and summaries; compositions and short reports; oral presentations; written research paper during the second semester; written tests and quizzes.

Student Evaluation: Class participation on a regular basis, journal writings, written quizzes and tests, oral reports.

SPAN 101  SPANISH 1 (Fr, Sophs, Jrs)  NCAA All Year 1   credit
Prerequisite: NONE

This introductory course places special emphasis on speaking skills. During the first segment, an oral approach to language learning allows the student to accumulate a speaking vocabulary of approximately 750 words. More traditional methods are used in the subsequent segments with an introduction of basic grammar concepts, vocabulary expansion, conjugating regular and irregular verbs in the present tense, present progressive tense and preterit tense.

Student Activities: Role-playing activities are used to learn practice skills such as speaking on the telephone, ordering in a restaurant, etc. Students will memorize vocabulary and verb conjugations and compile a set of flashcards to reinforce and review new words, verbs and phrases. Student Evaluation: Periodic oral and written tests, oral drills, listening activities, and vocabulary tests.

SPAN 201  SPANISH 2   (Sophs, Jrs, Srs)  NCAA All Year        1   credit
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish 1.

The nucleus of this course is the study of the basic ten tenses in Spanish: present, preterit, past progressive, imperfect, present progressive, present perfect, future, conditional, past perfect and imperative. In addition, students will continue to build Spanish vocabulary words.  Students will also read a story in Spanish written at a level for Spanish 2 students.

Student Activities: Short stories, dialogues, oral and written exercises and writing prompts.

Student Evaluation: Based on class participation, quizzes, tests and written work.

SPAN 301  HONORS SPANISH 3  (Jrs, Srs) NCAA All Year 1   credit
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish 1 and Spanish 2.

Advanced students will review all ten tenses introduced in the first two years of the Spanish program. In addition, new tenses will be introduced with special emphasis on the use of the subjunctive. Students will also expand their vocabulary and will learn more detailed grammar. Alternating culture lessons will be infused throughout the year as well. Students will also read a short novel appropriate to their grammar and reading level.

Student Activities: The study of 15 tenses; intensive oral and written grammar exercises; student's presentation of grammar and culture.

Student Evaluation: Periodic written quizzes and tests, oral drills, reading comprehension and writing prompts.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish 1, Spanish 2 and Spanish 3.

The objective of this course is to develop the student's ability to communicate in Spanish. Focus will be on refining speaking skills via directed conversation and spontaneous discussion. In addition, the student will add to his/her spoken and written vocabulary through usage of "frequency lists" with an accumulated total of approximately 1000 words. This course also focuses on refining reading comprehension skills through exposure to the works of key contemporary and classical writers from Spain and Spanish America. Selected masterpieces will be studied in the original Spanish while others will be presented in an abridged form appropriate for advanced secondary students. Various genres, including poetry, novel, drama and short story will be studied. Students will also refine oral and written skills through class discussion and analyses of content and style. This course anchors a comprehensive intermediate program that will prepare students for advanced level courses in literature at the university level.

Student Activities:   Read excerpts from novels, plays, short stories, fables and poetry. Write paragraphs based on the stories read and personalized compositions that expand on each reading’s theme.  Short speeches, various oral presentations and class discussion in Spanish. Student Evaluation:  Class participation is especially important in this course.  Grades are also based on oral presentations, writings, quizzes and tests.