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Foreign Language


Spanish is America's second language.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, it is the language that is most useful in the field of International Business.  Althoff Catholic offers an excellent four year Spanish curriculum.  While most students take two years of a foreign language, one of the greatest strengths of our Spanish program is our 50% student retention rate in the Spanish III and IV courses.  This retention rate is among the very highest in area high schools.  Many of our graduates have continued their Spanish studies at the university level, majoring in Spanish and/or studying abroad. 


Dolores Boyle
Jean Smith


Thoughout the world, French is the native language of more than 70 million people.  It has long been recognized as a great cultural and diplomatic language.  In the educational system of many countries, its only rival as a second language is English.  About 25 million people in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Africa use French as a second language.  It's influence in our own language is enormous.  We have been priviledged at Althoff Catholic to maintain a four year program in French.  The smaller class sizes give a greater opportunity for student participation and for more individual attention.


Veronique Orlet


Latina est mater linguarum omnium.  Latin is the mother of all languages.  Several modern languages have developed from Latin, including Spanish and French.  Even English owes approximately 60% of it's vocabulary, directly or indirectly, to Latin.  Much can be learned about English by studying Latin.  We also owe a debt of gratitute to the ancient Romans for our democratic system of government and our system of laws.  Roman architecture is still evident in many of our buildings.   Roman mythology has been the inspiration of many artists and writers throughout the ages.  The study of Latin encompasses all these areas as the grammar and vocabulary of the language are introduced.  We are proud to be the only area school to offer a four-year program in Latin.


Karen Foeller

Courses offered

Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
French 1      French 1     French 1    
Latin 1 Latin 1 Latin 1
Spanish 1 Spanish 1 Spanish 1
French 2 French 2 French 2
Latin 2 Latin 2 Latin 2
Spanish 2 Spanish 2 Spanish 2
Honors French 3 Honors French 3
Honors Latin 3 Honors Latin 3
Honors Intensive Spanish Grammar & Culture Honors Intensive Spanish Grammar & Culture

Honors Spanish Conversation & Vocabulary Building

Honors Intro to Spanish Literature & Art

Honors Latin 4
Honors French 4