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A Higher Standard

average act scores

Top 10% - 31
Top 20% - 28.6
Top 30% - 27.7

*Average over the last 5 years

average college scholarship offers 

Each year our graduates average $120,000 each in scholarship offers.

*Average over the last 5 years

honors gpa

Students who take Honors level courses receive an extra 1.87 credits per course, per semester, for grades of a "C" or higher. This is computed and averaged at the semester. An Honors GPA is reported, as well as a regular GPA. Students at Althoff Catholic taking Honors courses receive a weighted rank and a regular class rank.


Grading scale

100-92.50 = A
92.49-84.50 = B
84.9-76.50 = C
76.49-68.50 = D
68.49 & Below = F

GPA is computed on A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1. No plus or minus grades are used.