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Colleges Accepting 1818 Credits

from Saint Louis university's 1818  ACC Website

The following results represent the responses that the 1818 ACC Program Office has collected from former 1818 ACC students regarding the transferability of 1818 ACC credit hours to other colleges or universities since the 2004-2005 academic year.

NOTE: The 1818 Advanced College Credit Program assumes no responsibility for validating the accuracy of the responses.

The list merely reports responses received from students surveyed each academic year.

Students should note that of the institutions reported as accepting 1818 ACC course work, some accepted the courses as electives only.

Some required copies of the course syllabus prior to approval of the course for credit.

Students are urged to contact the institution of interest to inquire directly regarding institutional policy for accepting transfer credit from dual credit or concurrent enrollment courses such as 1818 Advanced College Credit.

Click here to view the list of schools.